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Springleaf Sourcing Services

In addition to supplying castings produced in our foundry, we partner an extensive network of manufacturers to widen our casting and forging product offerings. Our product development, quality control, logistics and communication system is in placed to ensure our customers a reliable supply.

Our sourcing services include

  • Supplier selection: Suggest the optimum manufacturing technology and facility to meet your requirements.
  • Sampling: Provide 1st article sample for your inspection, complete with dimensional report, chemical composition verification, and other quality certifications if required.
  • Monitoring: In-house QC to be on site at various critical manufacturing operations to ensure all requirements are met before approving for next operation process.
  • Inspection: Regular site inspection by our good experience in-house QC team. 3rd party inspection can be arranged if required.
  • Communicate: Regular and clear job status updates.
  • Logistics: Handle administrative and custom issues for exports.
Springleaf Sourcing Process illustrated

We have a complete management system in place, including product development, quality control, logistics and communication, to ensure that you receive the right parts, in the right condition, at the right time.

Forged Bolts to Suit Customers' Requirements

Forged Carbon Steel Ring

Forged Shafts After Machining


Base Plate for Machine

Reclaimer Wheels