Springleaf Industries - Your metal casting turnkey specialist

Springleaf's Strengths

Springleaf Industries is ready to customize our products and services to suit your requirements.

Engineering Expertise

We offer the following services:

  • Engineering assistance
  • Pattern, casting design and layout
  • Pattern-making
  • Production tooling construction
  • Heat treatment
  • Non-destructive testing
    • MPI
    • Ultra-sound
    • Dye pen and chemical analysis
    • Mechanical analysis
  • Machining
  • Finishing
    • Plating
    • Painting

Both short run and mass productions are welcome.


As your reliable supplier, we provide:

    • Good quality castings with necessary supporting reports / documentation in terms of
      • Precision (dimension accuracy)
      • Material (chemical composition accuracy)
    • Clear & timely updates throughout the transaction process
    • Product documentation (mill certificate, mechanical and NDT reports if required)
    • Logistics services
    • Prompt delivery